Saturday, June 12, 2010

What if...?

I hope you have seen The hedgehog ("Il riccio"). Not in Germany: here it's called "Die Eleganz von Madame Michel", and it's a deeply horrible title. I feel it's against the spirit of the movie and the book.
Because Madame Michel is a hidden wonderfully wonderful person. She can't be in the title. And it's hard to get to know her.

And what if...

... what if in our lives we were surrounded by many Madame Michel, but we were too fool to notice them? Don't we do the same as the rich people in her palace? Don't we just ignore, in our daily lives, porters (like Michel), secretaries, any job which is "inferior" to ours? Wouldn't we ignore an office clerk? Say, Albert Einstein before publishing his theories.
Our world is probably full of many small hedgehogs right there, waiting to be met. And maybe they're not so much thorny, maybe it's easier to get to know them. And we just can't, because of barriers.
This is the moment to think to Evangelion, and the fusion of all human beings proposed and refused in the end, and think really hard of it, before saying that well, yes, each of us wants to keep one's identity and still try to get in contact with each other, being careful to our thorns. Thanks to this post (in Italian) for inspiring me with the connection between people, roses and thorns.

[EDIT: fixed the spelling of Madame Michel - I previously wrote Madame Michèle.]